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I decided to connect the three sides of the triangle in this post. The first side of the triangle: More and more people need food from food banks (the reason is that people live on the brink of poverty, with their income they are happy to pay at least the rent to have a place to live - with children. Another reason is inflation, illness, or often living in a household, often people who work but have health or other limitations and earn only one component, such as rent and energy, which I consider to be unforgivable to the state, but I have a solution. read on.
The other side of the triangle: This blog is a business, and the establishment of a food bank is behind a) the idea of ​​business and behind b) addressing the shortage of these projects. There is and never will be enough food banks. In time, another idea will come up in the BUBIDEA Section.
Third page: The blog is also about fashion: Come with us to break down two stereotypes: A food bank can only be a non-profit, otherwise it would not reach the much-needed subsidies. The second stereotype: "Handsome workers" will not be trusted by people.

Here you will find all regulations concerning food
It led me not to forget to look at them
Next step: Starting a business. In this article I want to show you that non-profit but also s.r.o. One of my very favorite e-shops with sustainable fashion is also conceived as s.r.o and at the same time it helps. If you want to get an operating grant: You can get it through regional funding (municipality, city, region, state), professional (trade license office, chamber of commerce support) EU FUNDS, USA FUNDS. Obtaining is time consuming, nervous and time consuming, not to mention the funds for the application.
Establishment of the company: Contact us. We have contacts for companies that will help you start a company.

Storage facilities
food storage rules.
Like everything, food storage has its rules, including audits and inspections by the State Agricultural and Food Inspection Authority of the country in which you will operate in the area of ​​food banks. If a business is very strictly controlled, it is everything (except the chemical industry, manufacturing and ammunition) related to the food industry.
cited :2021-12-12
We usually distinguish four types of warehouses:

Dry (temperature 18 ° C and above) - Suitable for storing sugar, salt, flour, legumes, cereals and oils.
Cold (temperature 4 to 12 ° C) - Suitable for storing fruits, vegetables, potatoes, eggs and beverages (including alcoholic beverages).
Chilled (temperature až4 to 10 ° C) - For storing meat, milk and dairy products.
Freezer (temperature −25 to −10 ° C) - For storing semi-finished and frozen food.

Storage hall for rent UK

If you want to run a Food Bank you will need:

  • Employees
  • Shelves or pellets
  • Means of transport from the store to the bank
  • Food

You can buy groceries yourself and replenish the store. Another option is to eventually join the national food collections.

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