Blue print Strážnice, Moravia, Czech Republic



About town Strážnice

At present, the town of Strážnice has about five and a half thousand inhabitants.
Strážnický blueprint is a technique based on folklore. It is a traditional textile made with special technology. It is made by hand in Central Europe.
In 2018, the blueprint was inscribed on the Unesco Representative List of Intangible Heritage UNESCO.

Indigo dyeing and negative patterning of fabrics are widespread in various parts of the world, but in Europe this technique has acquired a specific and sophisticated form, which we call blueprinting. source . : cited 2021-05-10; translation: the author 's own translation of the article.

About the town of Strážnice Author of the text Mgr. Lenka Gronská
Created / changed: 23.1.2020 / 23.1.2020 cited: 2021-05-31 available from: Translated by: Petra Hájková

The first written mention of the town dates from 1302. Gradually, three aristocratic families took over the Strážnice estate - the lords of Kravaře, Žerotínová and Magnisová. Of the ancient fortifications consisting of moats, ramparts, wooden palisades, high stone walls and bastilons, only two entrance gates to the city, originally equipped with a drawbridge and a lookout tower, have been preserved. Originally a water castle, it was gradually rebuilt into a chateau. Strážnice was at one time the third largest town in Moravia and was also famous for its wine production. Education in Strážnice has a long tradition, the basis of which was created by fraternal unity. Personalities such as Jan Ámos Komenský, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk studied in Strážnice, and Jan Evangelista Purkyně worked as a teacher at the Piarist grammar school. Strážnice is proud not only of cultural and historical monuments, but also of natural gems - on the one hand by floodplain forests, wavy sands and natural meanders of the Morava River and on the other by hazel and orchid meadows of the White Carpathians.


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I introduced the buckle in an February article. But the buckle from Strážnice is very beautiful. And so it occurred to me that we could use it as accessories in a folklore article.


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