2022: Long haircuts Trend

Pexels.com Long hair  by Thomas Delloga
Pexels.com Long hair by Thomas Delloga
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  • Blunt Cut long haircut
  • Long haircuts with bangs
  • Long haircuts with frayed ends.

Long cut - Meg Ryan in 1989

Meg Ryan in 1989 Movie When Harry Met Sally. Meg Ryan's hair is great. See for yourself. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4ODPyUxLNw

Janice hair cut

Forget Rachel hair cut ! I think this will be the number 1 trend by the end of 2022. Welcome autumn and December with Janice! from Friends. Of course, I know about another hair trend, but it is so specific that it will survive until 2023. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jiFqTQdBXjo

Kirstie Alley. Remember Who's Talking? We can love, adore, like, dislike or hate the 90s. The fact is that, just like the 80s, the 90s will never go out of style. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvOSgqYcDGg Who's talking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRIgNV9oKrQ Siblings Rivalry.

Andie MAC Dowell.

Blunt Cut long haircut

 Long blunt cut haircut will continue to be widely used next year, this cut that has a completely straight base brings a different effect to each hair wave, and looks beautiful on any one. If your hair is curly, for example, it will have the function of bringing more volume.

Long V haircut

If you want to trim the ends of your hair, giving the strands more shape, but at the same time don't want to take too much of the length, the long V haircut may be ideal for you!  For straight hair, the V-shaped cut brings an idea of even longer hair. Already in wavy hair, the V cut combined with a cut cut, adds more volume to the strands.

Long straight haircuts

If you like the classic long straight hair, know that it will continue to be a trend in 2022. If you don't like sudden changes, this might be the ideal cut for you. This cut has no secrets: it's long, straight and mostly straight, without layers and no slashes.

The long haircut trend is not a new thing. However, in recent years it has been seen as a more popular choice among women.

This was possible because of certain factors that made it easier for women to style their hair long - long hair extensions, hairpieces and hairstyles suitable for longer hair lengths.  More  at : https://danidrops.com.br/en/long-haircuts/?cn-reloaded=1&cn-reloaded=1

Long haircuts with bangs

You long hair with bangs will be very high next year as they manage to bring a lot of style and personality. In addition, you can choose the bangs that you like best, and that best suits your face.

In 2022, the short fringes, curtain or frayed will be a trend. The frayed curtain with a split in the middle of the forehead will be very successful for wavy hair, as well as the asymmetrical fringe for curly and curly hair.

Long haircuts with frayed ends

If you are looking to control the volume of your hair in 2022, opt for a long hair with frayed ends could be a good request. In addition to reducing the volume, unraveling brings much more lightness to your strands, and works for all hair waves.

Long U-shaped haircut

O long u haircut it is the darling of many women, and it will certainly be a trend in long haircuts in 2022. It fits very well for those who do not want to make too radical changes, but want to trim their strands, without taking too much of the length.

The U-cut has a rounded effect, making the cut less marked. It looks good on any hair curl, be it straight, wavy, curly or curly.

Long cut haircut

long cut haircut makes the head of many women, and it's not from today. This haircut brings much more movement to the strands, allowing you to cut your hair without having to decrease the length.

On straight hair, the cut helps to increase the volume of the hair, offering more movement, while on curly and frizzy hair, the cut can work in the opposite way, controlling the volume, and making the hair sit better..

Bikini Kill , punk. Sinéad O'Connor. Don't worry about the establishment and similar nonsense.Rebel hair cut. The motto of this article is CHANGE HAIR CUT.

If you like punk or an Irish singer - her hairstyle is a hit in 2022. Look at - other trends. The conclusion of the spring-summer tetralogy awaits you.

Culture Club and the video Culture Club- Chameleon.

Short hair cut inspiration :https://www.pinterest.de/pin/588212401306228387/ https://www.stilpalast.ch/beauty/trends-beauty/die-angesagtesten-trendfrisuren-2022-111806 Watch videos of punk bands.

Also look at the materials (photos, flyers) of punk bands that were outside mainstream MTV, etc. Maybe your father, mother, aunt was a punk and you don't even know about it.

You can watch punk bands from the 80s. You can try a sheer cut - cut out the sides with a machine - either smooth or smooth on one side and the other side with ornaments or a motto. The third option is clear + double-sided ornaments. Check out your punk rock or rock band.

Color combinations: You can use classic colors for punk. Blond, black, brown, auburn, rust, or highlights.

Medium boldness - I know that there is a little concern about this color among men, if you are not afraid, you can choose this color. The mentioned color is so-called platinum or gray platinum, or gray When punk is alive: I saw a documentary about punk - Iggy Pop performed there, and they talked about the androgynous perception of the body or fashion.

Unisex is a big hit with both men and women. This means that a woman can also wear a hairstyle worn by a man. The androgyny of the hearttrob-bob cut is coming back from the 90s Short hair: Roxette, Bikini Kill,Sinéad O'Connor, 4 Non Blondes,Lissa Stainsfield.



Mixie : another hairstyle hybrid is making strong competition for the Bixie this year. The term hides a combination of pixie and mullet. In contrast to the bixie, the mixie is shorter and less fringed on the top coat. In the neck and on the ears, however, the hair is longer and fringed than on the bixie. The Mixie is therefore perfect as a transitional hairstyle to let the short hair grow long again. Styling tip: you don't need to spend a lot of time styling because a mixie dries on its own. You can then fix your desired look with some styling cream (wax). Simply spread the product in your hands, work evenly into the lengths and ends and shape the hair according to your taste. The only downside to this hairstyle is that regular visits to the hairdresser (every 4 to 6 weeks) are a must for the mixie to look good.

My Favourite Trend : Clavi Cut

I love change. I used to have long hair or cut semi-long hair. I had cut semi-long hair for approx. 1 year between spring 2005/winter 2006. My mother also had a different hairstyle. And since she is the closest to me, I wanted to be like her. I didn't like semi-long hair. Not really.

For some reason, since the summer of 2022 I felt that I wanted a different hairstyle. Closer disclosure of the reason for the hair change? I wanted a change in the perception of myself by the wider environment. You will learn more in the book I am preparing. It will be a guide for bloggers.

Clavi cut characteristics in brief. Length of strands of hair - at the level of the collarbone, shoulders. Important: Hair longer in front, a litle bit shorter in back. Are you afraid of collarbone length for the first time, but do you like the clavi cut? Shorten the strands to shoulder length.

Good news for all women who want to let their hair grow: a transitional hairstyle is now becoming a big hairstyle hit. We are talking about the so-called Clavi Cut, where the bob hair length ends above the collarbone. In contrast to the long bob, the hair here is a little longer at the front than at the back. The advantage of this trend hairstyle: it can be worn open, but at the same time also allows casual or elegant updos.

Who the Clavi Cut suits: The new trend cut, which is suitable for fine and thick hair, suits every type and face shape. With round faces it lengthens the portrait, with distinctive features the bob takes the hardness and with oval and heart-shaped faces it flatters the fine features.

Advantages: You can wear this trend in different ways:

  • You can let it grow freely and achieve the next trend with lazy cuts.
  • You can let it grow freely and achieve a Long cut, straight long hair, etc.
  • You can change the Clavi cut to short hair( Irokese, Roxette, Nothing Compares2U)
  • You can change to Clavi cut to Rebel cut(Wolf cut, Mullet Cut, Mullet Cut-The Wall Movie, Arees)
  • You can adjust-cut the length in the same way as with this cut, you only need to cut it at intervals of 10-12 weeks.

This cut will be worn in Fall 22 and will be in 2023. It first appeared in 2000. A lot of people have good or great memories of 2000. So why not go back in time with your hair? Personally, I have the impression that Clavi appeared already in the 90s. It is worn for example by: Hailey Baldwin, Emma Stone, Emma Watson.

Blunt Cut Hit potential in 2022 can also be attributed to the blunt cut.

Blunt Cut characteristic in brief :The hair is cut straight all around without layers and sometimes left a little longer at the front than at the back. It is important that the hair is cut blunt. You can wear the blunt cut very trendy with a trendy center parting or a long fringe. The blunt cut works particularly well on medium-length and thin hair, which appears much fuller thanks to the blunt cut. For thicker hair, an undercut for the bottom layer is recommended. As a result, the hairstyle does not look bloated.

Who the blunt cut suits: It suits practically all women. You just have to pay attention to the lengths. For example, the long bob version of the trend cut is more flattering for round or heart-shaped faces than the short version. If you have very curly hair, it is better to avoid a bob.

Date of cutting : Incidentally, with the blunt cut it is very important to have your hair trimmed every few weeks, otherwise the accurate cut - the be-all and end-all of this trendy hairstyle - is quickly lost.

Bixie cut The bixie cut - a combination of bob and pixie - is THE trend hairstyle for 2022. The bixie has adopted the long bangs from the bob haircut, and the gradations on the sides and at the back of the head from the pixie.

Who bixie suits you: the new trend hairstyle suits every face shape. It is particularly suitable for normal and fine hair, as the layered hair provides more volume.

How to style the bixie: The cool hair look can be styled in many different ways - whether it's straight or curly hair. You can let the bangs fall loosely in the face or style them back with styling gel. It is important that the hair is freshly closed and has as much volume as possible.

Pixie cut 22´

Pixie cut https://danidrops.com.br/en/pixie-cut-haircut/

Blunt Bangs

Im Trend bleiben die Curtain Bangs. Die lässig-elegante Ponyfrisur erhält 2022 jedoch ein modernes Update, indem die Fransen - egal, ob lang oder kurz - stumpf geschnitten werden.

Für wen die Blunt Bangs geeignet sind: Da diesen Trend der akkurate Schnitt ausmacht, sind hierfür gerade Haare notwendig. Bei rundlichen Gesichtern ist darauf zu achten, dass die Fransen länger sind und der Übergang zu den Seitenlängen fliessend ist.

-jestli máte rádi ofinu, kratší vlasy, je ne tak krátké jako Bixie, Mixie . Clavi Cut je na Vás velký experiment a Vaší favoritkou je Taylor Swift.- Gratuluji- našla jsi nový střih pro své vlasy.

Pixie Cut 90´

Straight perms were no longer required in hairdressing salons, but rather curly and volume was the order of the day. But then in 1986 came Roxette, a Swedish singer with the same voluminous hair but short and platinum blonde. Hair care and more informations - Pixie cut 22´.The 90's pixie cut is one of my favorite haircuts. So far, all the hairdressers are selling me off. But I love Roxette and if I choose to have even shorter hair than I have now I will choose a 90's pixie.

Long bob, short bob


It belongs to the bobs category. It's a constant. I am preparing an article about hair trends for autumn as well. But I won't mention bob or micro, lob, short bob or shaggy bob there, at least for now. the equivalent is a short bob. The micro bob is a hit, but I wanted to leave it here.

The rebel screams.

This trend is coming back and actually, it has not completely disappeared, rather it has taken a backseat, so to speak. It is worn by punks, metalists, hard metalists, hardcore metal and rockers. The Iroquois belong to the group of indigenous people of North America. In the period around the 16th century, they united with other tribes that were culturally and linguistically related and formed the so-called Iroquois confederation. Pictures for inspiration can be found here:



Trend 2.: Ares.It is suitable for both men and women, it is great for both people. I have news from practice: There are already girls who don't like boys' haircuts on Tintin.

Why ? Girls want to run their fingers through their love's hair and guys who like their other half in a hairier boyish style too. Moreover, if you don't want an Octopus cut or a Beard cut - no offense. The Ares trend is exactly for you. And how to do it?

Do you remember the 90s series Xena The Warrios princess? Find videos with Xena and Arees (god of war). For example:.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y05VjcZOLsQ moment 1:50, 2:10,2:40

2.1Flow cut. It is suitable for both men and women, it is great for both people. I have news from practice: There are already girls who don't like boys' haircuts on Tintin. Why ? Girls want to run their fingers through their love's hair and guys who like their other half in a hairier boyish style too.

Types of flow cut

Rusty Brown Loose Strands

When thick hair is grown out, it often creates layers. You can leverage this by tousling the layers for extra movement and texture.

Suited Flow Back with Tight Bind

Here's another simple, low maintenance style with lots of flow. It's slightly longer and fuller than the previous style, providing a bit more depth.


Trend 4: Wolf cut Singer Miley Cyrus made the Vokuhila or Wolf Cut en Vogue. And we think that the rebel and wrecking ball rider wears the hairstyle with grandeur. The modernized haircut rocks and now looks much better than in the 80s. The fringed fringe is a striking detail today. In addition to the essential cut, the hairstyle is extremely easy to care for. You can find out more about the wolf cut and the styling here>>

More Rebel Cuts visit :