2022 & 11 Trendy Rebel haircuts


The rebel screams.

This trend is coming back and actually, it has not completely disappeared, rather it has taken a backseat, so to speak. It is worn by punks, metalists, hard metalists, hardcore metal and rockers. The Iroquois belong to the group of indigenous people of North America. In the period around the 16th century, they united with other tribes that were culturally and linguistically related and formed the so-called Iroquois confederation. Pictures for inspiration can be found here:


Trend 2.: Ares.It is suitable for both men and women, it is great for both people. I have news from practice: There are already girls who don't like boys' haircuts on Tintin.

Why ? Girls want to run their fingers through their love's hair and guys who like their other half in a hairier boyish style too. Moreover, if you don't want an Octopus cut or a Beard cut - no offense. The Ares trend is exactly for you. And how to do it?

Do you remember the 90s series Xena The Warrios princess? Find videos with Xena and Arees (god of war). For example:.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y05VjcZOLsQ moment 1:50, 2:10,2:40

2.1Flow cut. It is suitable for both men and women, it is great for both people. I have news from practice: There are already girls who don't like boys' haircuts on Tintin. Why ? Girls want to run their fingers through their love's hair and guys who like their other half in a hairier boyish style too.

Types of flow cut

Rusty Brown Loose Strands

When thick hair is grown out, it often creates layers. You can leverage this by tousling the layers for extra movement and texture.

Suited Flow Back with Tight Bind

Here's another simple, low maintenance style with lots of flow. It's slightly longer and fuller than the previous style, providing a bit more depth.


Trend 3 : Shaved hair

 Sinéad O'Connor is back - you remember the Irish singer with the cropped hair? In 1990 she landed a world hit with the tearful ballad "Nothing Compares 2 U". And now this short hairstyle is back in fashion. It still requires courage - and a good head shape, then this hairstyle is incomparably beautiful. styling tips? A modern rebel doesn't need that!

Trend 4: Wolf cut Singer Miley Cyrus made the Vokuhila or Wolf Cut en Vogue. And we think that the rebel and wrecking ball rider wears the hairstyle with grandeur. The modernized haircut rocks and now looks much better than in the 80s. The fringed fringe is a striking detail today. In addition to the essential cut, the hairstyle is extremely easy to care for. You can find out more about the wolf cut and the styling here>>

Trend 5: Kajagoogoo: Play Too shy by Kajagoogoo on Youtube. The cut resembles a combination of Wolf cut and Short shag.

Trend 6 Footloose hair style. The city where dancing is forbidden. What will you do when you get there? You dance and blow everyone away! Watch this movie and get a haircut like Kevin Bacon. It will suit her and him. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l58T135MxRA&list=PLPLyfs2YmGkcm1oCfD5hy5BPl1bTrQNxx

Trend 7: Short Shag

The 80s are still in fashion. Short Shag was once made famous, for example, by the singer of the group Berlin. That's when she recorded the song Take My   Breath Away with her partners. The hair color was a combination of blond, the lower part of the hair was black, they could mix a little blue into the hair, but carefully.

She has stirred up the music scene with her hair, with the light blonde short shag it remains wild, but more mature. Well done! Layers are primarily responsible for the undone look in the bob. You can wear a fringe with it, but you don't have to. How to style the short shag >>

Trend 8: Shaguhila Cut Just can't decide between different haircuts? You do not need that either! The shaguhila is a mix of shag cut and mullet, or wolf cut. A pinch of octopus cut is also included. As the saying goes: the mix makes the difference.


Trend 9 : Octopus Cut The hairstyle combines different cuts such as the shag cut, but also the mullet. You can wear the hair on top of your head longer or shorter - the shorter, the crass the contrast. This also applies to the bangs, which are also a trademark of this mix hairstyle. Fancy the Octopus Cut?

Trend 10: Vokuhila: Is Vokuhila back  in fashion? As in the 70s and 80s, the stars are bringing the trend of Vokuhila hairstyles back onto the scene in the 2020s. https://www.glamour.de/artikel/vokuhila-frisur-mullet-cut-hair-styling-haarschnitte-trend

 and its follow of Mullet.

Trend 11 Mullet by The Wall MOVIE Guys like this cut - it reflects their personality, attitude towards society. The girls are divided into two camps. I will advise you how to do this cut either in the original - polarizing version, rebellious and attractive version.


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mullet_(haircut)#1980s -

Rebel and attractive version for Mullet Cut




The Wall Movie Mullet Rebell : Partners will want to be near you. Why? Because Pink Floyd's music has a lot of fans https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_dQ1vFUlwY&list=PLhSrjQbRihW8fh3VUFtsk55V7djzxNyBw

Mullet for women


The Original Mullet Hair cut