Copenhagen Fashion Week 2021 S/S 2022-TRENDS


Classical prose or narration has a given structure, as we learned in essay lessons or style exercises. Introduction, article and conclusion. I originally wanted to start similarly. However, I like logical (positive chaos). You may say what nonsense is. Logical chaos is a violation of conventions that does no harm to anyone, does not torment anyone. It does not limit anyone. They won't kill anyone.
We will start with the means, we will continue with the beginning (to read the trends) and we will end with the introduction. This article responds to the desire of readers to indulge in clothes from abroad. At the same time, this article responds to the wishes of readers to order a pandemic or the impossibility of going on holiday abroad during traveldowns, travel restrictions on free movement and bring in trips to visit monuments, tracking tourism, tanning, photos from sightseeing tours, agrotourism, etc.
Article (middle part)
There are a lot of brands that attracted me to Copenhagen Fasshion Week 2021. You will still see the second half in the paragraph called Article II. Part. You already know some of the tags from my articles. You will learn a lot in the next articles.
Extra tip
What to wear and should wear in spring / summer 2021 and spring and summer 2022/2023. I think
As in the case of trends, what could and should be worn in my opinion within Moda Lisboa 2021, also in the case of Moda 2021 Week in Denmark.


Neglige, DIY Negligee and DIY Kimono
To sew a negligee, you need your nightgown, fabric, thread and tailor's, see the previous article.
How to sew a kimono

Introduction part I.
Links to Copenhagen by plane PL- DK FR- DK
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Air Dolomiti

Article (middle part) part 2

EPILOG (ending)

2 Day:Bershka šaty-
2 Day:ámské-šaty-se-špagetovými-ramínky/390473. or
3 Day: +DIY skirt
4 Day: my mum ex shorts - without Brand
4 Day : II.